The Aboriginal Youth Mentorship Program

The Aboriginal Youth Mentorship Program is an after-school program that provides physical activity, healthy snacks, games, and educational and leadership activities for children in grade 4 that is delivered by older adolescents from the local high school. The intervention is being delivered in 5 elementary schools in First Nations communities in Manitoba and we are determining its effectiveness for preventing type 2 diabetes.  The intervention is a quasi-experimental cross over trial with ~400 youth participating each school year. The intervention is guided around an Indigenous medicine wheel concept of health called the Circle of Courage that was adopted by Dr. Martin Brokenleg and the 4 R’s of child education by Dr. Verna Kirkness, a Cree Elder from Fischer River First Nation in Manitoba. Preliminary findings suggest this intervention is effective for preventing obesity, improving healthy living knowledge and self-efficacy. The study is guided by local and a communal advisory committee that honours and implements the OCAP and CBPR principals for conducting research in partnership with Indigenous communities in Canada.

Pilot data published in Pediatrics here.

Training Manual for program published in Pediatrics here

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