Very cool outdoor/land-based resilience program

I recently attended the 3rd Indigenous Child Health Meeting focused on fostering resilience in youth. Mary Jo Wabano the education director at Wikwemikong Health Centre and Dr. Nancy Young a CRC Chair at Laurentian University presented on a new survey they developed by youth, for youth to assess child wellness in the community. Upon googling their information I ran across this great program they developed in  collaboration with Wikwemikong community that used outdoor leadership as a method to foster resilience. Researchers, focus on the methods as they exemplify participatory action research. Everyone else, read the quotes from youth at the end of the slideshow. Quoting Wab Kinew: Everything is Medicine. Land and nature would rank right up there as vital sources of medicine/healing .

Resilience and Well-being through Outdoor Leadership Report

Outdoor Adventure Leadership and Resilience Slideshow

Update: Documentary about the program.