Nice lecture on building resilience in your schools

I am always on the hunt for easy-to-use references for teachers/professionals to create hope and resilience to support youth. In the fall of 2014, I was at a conference on child health hosted by CIHR bringing together philanthropists and scientists from across Canada. Dr. Michael Ungar from Dalhousie, the Director of the Resilience Research Centre gave a great presentation.

Key lessons: (1) Shape the environment to provide the support they need; (2) The most disadvantaged youth need the most support (i.e. time, resources, care) and often benefit the most from the efforts you make; (3) earlier interventions are better, but it's never too late to create support; (4) Complex problems require complex solutions - interventions need to be multi-dimensional and include schools, families and the community. and (5) More isn't always better - often times consistency is the key.

 Here is a short clip of his talk about how to create resilience within your school environment:

Dr. Michael Ungar resilience lecture.

Check out his upcoming conference here: