Light of Hope and Resilience in Baltimore

Thanks to my friend Dr. Stasia H for sending me this link. She has an eye and ear for the good stuff, I wish she tweeted more often (insert winking smiley face). Here is a nice personal story of an actor from my favourite TV show, The Wire . If you haven't seen it, you should. Seems as close to the reality of life in streets of Baltimore, that has emerged in the news lately. Intertwined with deep, heart felt scenes of despair, tragedy and humanity, stories of resilience and the series is filled with stories of hope about youth growing up in the streets of West Baltimore. The series provides two sides to the streets, which is very different from the stories that have flashed on news reels daily for the past few weeks.

Actor Sonya Sohn tells her personal story of moving to Baltimore and realizing her desire and potential to be an activist and conduit of hope/resilience in her newly adopted home of Baltimore. Great stuff. I hope The Globe and Mail editors read this and contrast it with their coverage which I thought was one-sided and close-minded. Poverty is not a choice and emerging from poverty is not about "pulling up your boot straps" or having "fire in your belly", it's about creating environments where hop can thrive.

Thumbs up Sonja Sohn,. Thumbs down Craig Offman

NY Times Article here