Becoming Scientifically Literate. Weeding out the junk. CDA/Medtronic Talk October 15th 2016 Winnipeg

Thank you again to the Canadian Diabetes Association and Medtronic for hosting the event last weekend. I really enjoyed it. Here are the links I promised everyone to resources related to understanding science and getting the best resources for decision-making:

Remember this acronym DEPLOR-

Ask yourself, what was the: Design, Exposure/Intervention, Population, (Liars?), Outcome, and... was it Rigged?

Design - interventions and systematic reviews are ideal

Exposure/Intervention - Is it relevant, realistic, measured/delivered in the right way?

Population - Was it relevant to me? or was it a group of university undergrads?

Liars - Was the population human or were they mice/rats? If animals were not mentioned in the title  - journalist is a liar :)

Outcome - Were the outcomes relevant to me as a patient?

Rigged - Did a company fund the study?

Where to get good information?

Know the 6S pyramid of evidence

ACCESSS to get e-mail updates and search for studies

NEJM Watch 

Obesity Offerings- Latest research findings and information on obesity

Nutrition Evidence Library - Latest up to date reviews on diet and health

Who Should I Follow on Social Media?

NPR Health

NY Times Health

Atlantic Health

Stat News

Dr. Holly Witteman lives with type 1 diabetes and does research on patient-informed decision making

Dr. Michael Joyner MD at Mayo clinic with expertise in exercise, general medicine and diabetes/heart disease

Dr. David Katz is a the director of Yale Prevention Centre and tweets/writes on diet/obesity

Dr. Jeff Flier former Dean of Harvard Medical School and leading scientist in obesity/type 2 diabetes research

Dr. Eric Topol cardiologist and leading author

Some fun things to read/watch in science

John Oliver from HBO's Last Week Tonight on Scientific Studies take on why Science isn't Broken.

Photo by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images News / Getty Images

Photo by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images News / Getty Images