Notes from Alberta Health Talk February 17 2016

Thank you to the team at Alberta Health for providing Brian Torrance from Everactive Schools and myself with an opportunity to speak about the work we are doing on resilience in youth. Here are links to several papers and websites that were mentioned throughout are talks:

Harvard Center for the Developing Child work on Resilience

An in brief series by that group on resilience.

A working paper by the group on how to strengthen the foundations to support resilience in youth.

A link to the Pediatrics paper on the Aboriginal Youth Mentor Program.

A link to our paper in JAMA Pediatrics on Peer Mentoring

A link to the paper in JAMA Pediatrics on the benefits of volunteering for teens.

A video from BC on how to apply the Circle of Courage into practice.

Lakeview Elementary school's video on their interpretation of the Circle of Courage.

A resilience-guided pilot intervention for type 2 diabetes management.

A systematic review of the effectiveness of resilience-based interventions for chronic disease risk factor management.

The Everactive Schools work with Kainai Board of Education released a video of the results from their photovoice work.

Videos by Indigenous scholars Joe Yratcheta and Donald Warne on Indigenous approaches to health research.

This video by Donald Warne titled All My Relations provides a great overview of the differences between western and indigenous approaches to health equity.

This video by Joe describes how the social determinants of health and differences in cultural/traditional lifestyle explain 5-fold different rates of type 2 diabetes among Pima Indian communities in the US and Mexico.

Thank you again for the warm welcome and we look forward to working with you in the future.